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Are you acidified?

Our understanding of how the body works increases every day. However, many people are unaware of the impact our eating habits and lifestyle have on our long-term health.

Nutrition, stress, medication and excessive muscle strain produce acid waste. To keep the acid ratio in the blood constant your body has to get rid of this acid waste. Acid waste include uric acid, lactic acid, fatty acids, acetic acids and tannins.

The amount of acid waste released in the blood daily is too high to leave the body by our regular excretory system. The body therefore stores this harmful excess acid in our tissues and joints. Through this process our body becomes increasingly acidic as we get older, resulting in health issues like fatigue, stiffness, aches and pains.

There is good chance you are already suffering from health issues, or will develop health issues resulting from acidification. That’s why we ask: Are you acidified?

acidifying aging

In the image above, you can see how acidification progresses on average as we get older. At birth the body is at the ideal state of 70% water and 30% minerals and micronutrients. By the time you are 40, acidification may have made your body up to 50% liquid or solid acid waste.

What factors cause acidification?

  • Nutrition: Many foods form acid in the body after they are digested. Animal proteins, sugars, certain fats, alcohol, coffee and fizzy drinks in particular leave behind large amounts of acid waste.
  • Stress: Stress has an acidifying effect on the body. In stressful situations, your body breaks down cells which in turn release uric acid. People who deal with stress in their professional or personal lives often suffer from a range of health problems like gout, loss of hair, sleeplessness and high blood pressure.
  • Excessive muscle strain: When muscles are under more strain than they should be, the body releases large amounts of lactic acid, which results in muscular aches and pains.
  • Other acidifying factors are:
    » Smoking
    » Taking medication
    » Radiation (transmitter masts, WiFi, mobile phones, DECT phones etc.)
    » Air pollution

icons factors acidifying

How is acid waste processed by the body?

Acid waste released into the blood is excreted from the body through the kidneys, lungs and skin. Besides of this excretion, the body tries to keep the acidity of our blood on a constant level using our alkaline buffer. This alkaline buffer consists of sodium bicarbonate. Click here for more info on acidification and sodium bicarbonate.

If the amount of acid waste is too large to be excreted or neutralized by the alkaline sodium bicarbonate buffer, our body divers to other mechanisms to keep the pH constant; it transforms the "liquid harmful acids" into 'non-harmful' solid crystals. For this process the body uses alkaline minerals like calcium and magnesium from our bones and binds it with the excessive harmful acids. These newly formed "acid salts" have a neutral pH but are deposited in the tissue and joints.

Which problems can be caused by acidification?

By the diminishing of important mineral deposits in our bones, skin, teeth and hair, and through acid deposition in our tissues and joints, health problems can occur in varying degrees:

1st stage symptoms of acidification are:

  • lack of energy, insomnia, constipation, heartburn, inflammation, cellulitis, coated tongue, caries, susceptibility to infection, hair loss, skin problems, muscle cramps, joint pain, vaginal fungus, fungal nails, depression, loss of libido, allergies.

Prolonged acidification of the body can result in 2nd stage diseases like; gout, osteoarthritis, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney stones, etc.

The solution: De-acidifying!

When pursuing a healthy lifestyle, an essential part is to counterbalance the daily inpouring of acid waste. Start by changing your diet, more alkalizing foods such as vegetables and less animal protein and sugars. In addition changing your lifestyle (less stress, adequate rest and less excessive muscle strain) will also have a positive effect.

How to de-acidify your body

In order to counteract acidification, it is necessary to actively de-acidify the body and control the amount of acid your body is exposed to. Deacidification can be done in several ways and the best start is to limit the acidifying factors in your life, followed by an active de-acidifying process.

How to limit acidifying factors:

  • It is advisable to avoid factors and activities that strongly acidify the body, such as stress, smoking, drugs, excessive muscle strain and harmful radiation as much as possible.
  • Limit consumption of acidic foods and drinks. Foods containing animal proteins, sugars, carbonated drinks, alcohol, coffee, etc. Eat more deacidifying foods such as vegetables, potatoes, nuts, etc. (click here for detailed information on the acid -base diet).

Unfortunately it is almost impossible to minimize or completely avoid all the above factors. Mobile phones, wireless Internet, (recreational) sports, a party with wine, beer , soft drinks and snacks are often a part of our daily lives. Therefore it is important to support your body with an active de-acidification.

What is an active De-acidification?

Restoring the balance between acidity an alkaline, by neutralizing accumulated acid waste in the body, is called active de-acidification.

Active de-acidification can be done in the following ways:

  • Increase your alkaline buffer!

Sodium bicarbonate is our alkaline buffer which neutralizes excessive acid waste in the blood. By increasing this buffer daily, less acid waste is left behind. The active alkalizing effect can be obtained with Alka Drops®, Alka Tabs®, Alka® Tabs Magnesium and Alka® Tabs Calcium.

alka druppels

  • Drink herbal extracts!

For centuries people have been drinking herbal extracts in order to clean their body. Every herb contains several elements which can break down acid salts formed in the body. In order to stimulate the deacidification process, drinking herbal extracts is vital. Alka® Tea is specially formulated from 52 types of herbs that best help the body to deacidify on a daily basis.

Alka tea

  • Take alkalizing and mineralizing baths!

Acidic waste is mostly expelled through our largest organ, the skin! Acids are usually guided outside via the pores. This is why many people often secrete unpleasant body odor when the skin becomes too strong acidic. The secretion of acidic waste through the skin can lead to various (chronic) skin conditions like eczema, red skin, yeast infections and inflammation. Alkalizing baths stimulate the removal of acid waste from the inside out. In addition, the acidic surface layer is cleaned. Pores are opened to newly formed sebum which protects the skin. Minerals and trace elements that are absorbed through the skin cells nourish the skin. Alka® Bath is a unique alkalizing formula to de-acidify by taking alkalizing and mineralizing baths and showers.

alka bath

  • Nourish the body with alkaline nutrients!

Feeding your body with daily nutrients protects you from acidification. These nutrients are essential to compensate for daily inpouring of acidifying foods. Alkalizing nutrients include vegetables, various fruits, grasses (barley grass, wheat grass), algae (chlorella, spirulina). Furthermore, additional fibers, enzymes and probiotics are essential to keep the acid-alkaline balance in check. Good health starts with a good metabolism through the intestines. Alka® Greens is a "superfood" that consists of a wide selection of alkalizing and orthomolecular nutrients that nourish the body, de-acidify and protect against acidification.

alka greens

  • Fill up your mineral deposits

While our body converts the "liquid, harmful acidic waste materials" into a "solid, non-harmful" form in the event of hyperacidity, it "robs" basic minerals such as calcium and magnesium, among others. our bones and binds them with the excess harmful acidic waste. This can lead to a lack of minerals in the body.

In addition, many people cannot fully absorb the amount of basic minerals that our bodies need through their diet. This is partly due to intensive agriculture, which leads to the impoverishment of the soil, and partly to the eating habits that adapt to modern life. Alka® Minerals provide all alkaline minerals that are essential for many important functions in the body. The daily intake of Alka® Minerals can therefore relief symptoms from acidification.

alka minerals

Keep "enjoying" life

Through daily de-acidification you can enjoy a "piece of meat and a glass of wine or beer", or other acidifying foods every now and then without guilt. If you suffer from acidification problems, it is advisable, besides active de-acidification, to reduce the amount of acidifying foods and activities.