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Alka® Face Masks - 24 pieces

“Cleanse and mineralize your skin with our cotton face masks”

Alka® Face Mask is made from 100% cotton and has been specially developed for facial cleansing and care. Due to the daily removal of acidic waste through the skin, many pores become clogged and the skin becomes too acidic.

The fleece face masks are used in combination with Alka® Bath. Soaked in Alka® bath water with natural ingredients, the face mask nourishes and mineralizes facial skin.

  • Neutralizes acidic waste
  • Deep cleans the pores
  • Mineralizes the skin
  • Improves hydration
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Alka® Face Masks - 24 pieces
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Suitable for which skin types?

The alkaline mask is suitable for people with oily, dry, impure and mixed skin. The face mask offers everyone a gentle cleansing, deacidifying and slightly antibacterial effect for a radiant and healthy facial skin.

and / or sensitive skin.

Face masksHow to use Alka® Face Masks?

  1. Open the packaging of the white coin like face mask
  2. Place the face mask coin in the water containing Alka® Bath. The coin now gradually expands into a cotton face mask.
  3. Put the face mask on your face after it has completely expanded by the bath water.
  4. Keep the face mask moist with alkaline water during bathing.
  5. You can remove the mask from your face after about 15 minutes.

Tip: Treat your face with alkaline Alka® Crème after the bath.

Good to know

The face mask soaked in alkaline bath water has a calming effect on red, slightly irritated and / or sensitive skin.





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